Independence Day: Yoga as a mode of liberation

As whole nation paints into tri-colour, as the 1.2 billion heart swells with patriotism, a thought crosses my mind. Where have we reached as a nation and where are we going to? Are we really free and what does freedom stands for? In terms of nation, a country is called truly free, when all its citizens are…


Priyamwada Sharma and Yogesh Sahu of Mrityunjay Yoga qualify NET (National Eligibility Test) in Yoga, with flying colours.

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that two of our trainers Priyamwada Sharma and Yogesh Sahu has qualified for NET (Nationala Eligibility Test) in Yoga. These two scholastic students of Yoga Guru Manju Jha Ma’am have proven their mettle by qualifying for this All India Level Exam in a single attempt. Priyamwada Sharma, who completed…

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