Women’s Day Celebration

Let's Talk Raw Women's Day Celebration | An event Women are symbol of strength, love, purity and sacrifice, but society doesn’t acknowledge and appreciate enough the sacrifice and love of women. Hence they take a backseat in this patriarchal society. However, there are some women who muster the courage to stand for themselves and their right and doesn’t bow…


Suryanamashkar Weekend at Mrityunjay Yoga

Suryanamashkar Weekend Suryanamashar Weekend ‘Suryanamaskar’, or ‘Sun salutation’ holds an important place in yoga. It is composed of set of twelve asanas. Scientifically speaking, Sun is a star composed of gases and it is the source of all the energies. In Hindu mythology sun holds an important place. Sun is worshipped as god. It symbolises light, purity,…

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Surya Namaskar Competition

Suryanamshkar Competition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wjUzIESyVo Hari Om my fellow Yogis. I hope your Yoga sessions are going great and you are getting healthier day by day. Why don’t we make our regular Yoga practice a bit interesting?Mrityunjay Yoga is hosting a Surya Namaskar competition on 2nd of March, Saturday. The competition will be held at Subhash Stadium from 7…

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