Bhakti yoga at mrityunjay yoga

To mark the auspicious occasion of Ramanavami and Durga Ashtami, a special Bhakti yog session was organised at Mrityunjay Yoga’s Shubhash Stadium branch. This special event was arranged for with the purpose of channelling our inner spiritual conscience and energy and use it for the devotion of that divine force which set the world in motion.

The session started with chanting Durga shlokas. It was Durga ashtami today by the shloka chanting, prayer was offer to goddess Durga. Thereafter Om chanting was done 108 times. Om is the beginning and end of everything, the sound reverberating in the universe is Om, sound of the chaos is Om and sound of the cosmos is Om. Om is produced when you sync your breath with your inner being.The entire atmosphere felt divine and godly after 108 times Om chanting and it’s reverberating sound could be heard long after it was done. Everybody could feel the mantra echoing through their spine.

After 108 times Om chanting, Hare Krishna Hare Rama was sang,, which continued to drown people in its spiritual bliss for an hour. An hour of kirtan and mantra chanting and nothing else. There was not a single soul in the room who didn’t seem engrossed in the divine act of getting one with the almighty. Nobody seemed tired or restless from kids to old, everybody seemed lost in the moment alike. After Krishna’s bhajan we skipped to remembering the adiyogi himself, lord shiva. Everybody let their inner yogi out and let their soul dance to the tune of Krishna Das’s shiva bhajan. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t seem lost in the moment and whose each and every cell of the body wasn’t dancing to the tune and it was a sight to behold. Purpose of all yog is to reach the ultimate path of oneness with god, be it Bhakti yog, hath yog or any other form of yoga.

A Glimpse

Though nobody wanted to end this once in a lifetime experience but we all had commitments and
duty to attend to and maybe later we will return to dance to the tune of divinity till then let us keep the memory of it safe somewhere in our heart and soul.

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  1. बहुत बेहतर तरह से भक्ति योग को अनुभव किया
    योग से जुड़ कर आत्मा जीवात्मा और परमात्मा से साक्षात्कार हो जाता है।

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