Yoga Retreat at Parvati Valley | Himachal Pradesh

Yoga Retreat At Parvati ValleyHimachal Pradesh A team of Mrityunjay Yoga recently went on a ten-day long trip to Himachal Pradesh. The expedition was taken by seven members of Mrityunjay Yoga team including, digital marketing faculties and few trainers. The trip was arranged with the purpose of conducting yoga retreat in…


Meditation Session with Fire Element

Meditation Session With Fire Element Day 2 :One And Half Hour Session In the second session of meditation with elements, fire was the chosen element. The session started with om chanting and proceeded to short asanas session. The asanas were moderate and focussed on opening every joint and releasing muscle…


Meditation Session with Water Element

Meditation Session With Water Element Day 1 :One And Half Hour Session The word meditation has a lot of meaning embodied in its structure. Different people prefers different ways of meditation. In one of the meditation session at Mrityunjay Yoga, Abhimanyu Jha conducted a meditation session with water element. The session…


A Special Yoga Session With Handicapped Basketball Team

A special yoga session with handicapped basketball team Mrityunjay Yoga conducted a special yoga session with Chhattisgarh’s handicapped basketball team. The basketball team consists of very talented young boys and girls who have some amazing basketball skills. Though their legs are disabled, their hands and fingers can do wonder with…


Invitation Yoga Exhibition

Mriyunjay Yoga Welcomes You To The First Ever Yoga-Exhibition Hey you Yoga lovers, here is the perfect news to make your sanguine Saturday more cheerful. Mrityunjay Yoga is organising first ever Yoga exhibition on Saturday, June 15. This might be first event of its kind in the city. The event…


How Yoga is helpful for Thyroid Patients

How Yoga is helpful for Thyroid patients Thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland present in the front of the neck. The main function of this gland is to control body’s metabolism. Thyroid gland secretes T3 and T4 hormones in the body whose function is to tell the body how…

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