aldara cream uk Mrityunjay Yoga/Independence Day

venlor cost As whole nation paints into tri-colour, as the 1.2 billion heart swells with patriotism, a thought crosses my mind. Where have we reached as a nation and where are we going to? Are we really free and what does freedom stands for? In terms of nation, a country is called truly free, when all its citizens are happy and healthy and law abiding individuals, there is no corruption, poverty, hunger, discrepancies, when it’s politicians work for the gain of the country rather than personal gain. It might seem too far-fetched a thing to achieve but is it impossible? Well I leave it to you to think and decide. Happy Independence Day to you too.

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epival tablets price dapoxetine tablet price Learning the act of letting go is first step towards freedom

zebeta price If we come at individual level what does freedom stands for? Freedom from pain, difficulties, diseases? As a Yogi I’m more interested in the freedom of mind and soul. You experience true freedom when you learn the act of letting go. Letting go doesn’t come easily to people, we refuse to part with things, even if it is not good for us. This difficulty in parting with things arises because none of us are really connected to ourselves.  We value outside world more than our inner self, we search for happiness in something else or someone else.

doxazosin mesylate para que se usa Yoga helps us to connect with ourselves, and let go of things that doesn’t belong to us. It teaches us to take charge of our own happiness and practice autonomy. It helps us achieve freedom in true sense.

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sominex ingredients uk provera uknjižbe stana Creating cosmos out of mental chaos is true liberation.

buy retin a cream 0.05 ebay Yoga is a key to rediscovering personal freedom. A yogi is never really unhappy because he/she knows what true freedom is and where true happiness lies. Yoga connects us all to something greater and something bigger, a cosmic being. In the beginning of the Universe, God created cosmos out of chaos and then he placed the seed of civilization in that cosmos. Similarly, our mind is a universe in itself and there is big chaos out there and we have been entrusted with the responsibility of creating cosmos out of that chaos in our mind. Those who are able to create that cosmos achieves enlightenment and become liberated. We are not god and hence we cannot create cosmos, but we sure can silence the chaos of our mind through Yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation is first step towards liberation of both mind and soul.

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floxin canada restasis prescription eye drops Yoga helps dissolve boundaries of mind

We all have built a boundary around ourselves, the boundary that stops us from connecting to our spiritual self. Within this boundary is all the lustful materialistic things that blind us with its dazzling exterior. We condition our senses to find pleasure in these things, without understanding the true essence of life. It is very important to dissolve these walls to achieve liberation.

I’m not asking you to renounce the world and leave for the Himalayas. I’m just asking you to find the true purpose of life. That purpose can be anything, and that purpose can only be found when you connect with yourself. Don’t limit your mind and intellectual prowess, break the boundaries and let your mind wander. Yoga broadens our perception and dissolve the boundaries that limit our capabilities by engaging us in frivolous activities.

Greatest of discoveries have been made just by breaking the mental boundaries.

Mrityunjay Yoga/ Independence Day


asthalin expectorant plus price v tight gel price in india Yoga provides freedom in everyday life.

In our day to day mundane life, where all of us struggling to get through the day, having a moment of peace, free from all worries is true freedom. We all are part of an unknown race and are running relentlessly to get somewhere. Some are running to arrange two meals a day while some are running to grab that million-dollar deal. Nobody wants to take a break in the fear of being left behind. This non-stop running is somewhere causing mental anguish and frustration.

Dedicate an hour a day to Yoga practice to achieve mental peace. Love yourself wholly, both body and mind and keep yourself healthy to feel free and enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Being a Yogi doesn’t mean living a life of a sage, being Yogi means knowing yourself inside out, because at the end we all need to ‘come to ourselves’.


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