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Mrityunjay Yoga has launched its own talk show, where the eminent women and men of Mrityunjay Yoga will be interviewed and through this show we will show their journey to the world. The first season of was launched on Women’s day, what other day could be better, right?

In the first episode of the season, two amazing women Sarita Valecha and Chandani Jain were called. These two women are an example of perseverance and dedication. One has cured a genetic disease while other came over complicated pregnancy through Yoga.

Here is the excerpt of the show. The show was hosted by Abhimanyu Jha, CEO of Mrityunjay Yoga.

Abhimanyu (to Sarita): It’s often seen that we hardly know about women’s mother side of family. After marriage it’s all about in-laws. So Mrs. Tejwani Valecha tell me something about your family.

Sarita Valecha: I’m basically from Rajnandgaon. I’ve completed my education from there itself. My father’s name is Narayandas Tejwani and mother’s name is Ganga Tejwani.

My family has heredity diabetes problems. My mother has suffered a lot because of the diabetes. Due to diabetes her kidney failed and other organs also started deteriorating. She expired 3 years before my marriage. Looking at my mother I feared that even my life would be like this.

So I started doing Yoga. I have been doing Yoga for quite a long time now and it’s been four years that I’m associated with Mrityunjay Yoga. I cured my genetic diabetes within one and a half month of joining Mrityunjay Yoga.



Abhimanyu: Mrs Chandani Jain my next question is for you; you are so beautiful why didn’t you think of joining modelling?

Chandani: I don’t know much about modelling but what I know is that one should have patience. I belong to Naxalite belt area Sukma, and my upbringing hasn’t been such that I think about modelling. My family is progressive, we are three sisters and we were given full liberty but there were certain restrictions as well.

I’m not saying that modelling is wrong but it’s not my cup of tea.

Abhimanyu (to Chandani): When a family is financially strong the lifestyle is different, not good or bad but different. You have grown up in Sukma, so how was your lifestyle?

Chandani: I don’t know about being financially strong but what I know is that I never had scarcity of anything. I got what I wanted. My father has four brothers, there was no girl in the family and I was first baby girl so naturally I got all the comfort.

I got what I asked for, my father never said no for anything. Mother was rather strict but not father. He has different way of making me understand things. In young age you don’t have that maturity to understand good and bad whether it’s logical to spend so much on things. It is only after you grow up that you understand about that zone.  

Abhimanyu (to Chandani): When you got pregnant and the complications started, how did you manage things, how did you muster up courage to come out of your comfort zone and make things right. How did you think of joining Yoga?

Chandani: Yoga is one of the best thing that has happened to me. A month after getting married I came to know that I have got fibroid in my uterus. Due to this fibroid I even had three miscarriages. The issue got so severe that I went to Hyedarabd to get checked. There doctors informed me that fibroid has increased so much that the baby cannot sustain in my womb. I had to get operated immediately. After operation I got into very stressful and depressed zone.

When I got pregnant again, I was very cautious, my doctor advised complete bed rest for four months. After fourth month I asked her if I could join Yoga and she said at your own risk. I was so scared that I had to do something. I muster up the courage and went to Mrityunjay Yoga to meet Manju ma’am. After meeting ma’am there was no second thought in my mind. I was convinced that ma’am will take care of me and my baby. I continued Yoga from fourth month and came till the day of delivery. If no one was there to take me to class I will drive myself and go for the class.

Abhimanyu (to Sarita): Tell me something about your married life, because as I can see and have heard that you both are perfect couple. The tuning between you and Mr Valecha is such that I haven’t seen between any couple. He is the example of perfect husband.


Mrityunjay Yoga talk show 4

Sarita: The best thing about our marriage is that we never behaved as husband and wife rather friends. Never do I impose my things on him and never he imposes his things on me. I have been with him in his hard times and he has been with me in my hard times. We coordinate things according to each other’s comfort.

When I decided to do Yoga he said, you go and do I’ll handle things at home. He forced me to learn car driving as well. He would drop me to the driving class and come to take once the class was over. 

Abhimanyu (to Chandani): You yourself are 28 years old and married for five years. You got married at young age but there are many girls who are of your age or in late twenties and still not married. There is a societal pressure but they want to achieve their goal first. What message do you want to give to these girls?

Chandani: I think the most important person in anybody’s life is they themselves. If I’m not happy I won’t attend this event, I won’t answer your question. I would be here physically but mentally I will be somewhere else. Society will say something or the other. To show society I will get married, wear mangalsutra, wear sindoor but what after that. They will ask to have kids after that second kids and when you do everything they will say what have you even achieved in your life. The thing is you can never make the society happy.  So, you should focus on making yourself happy.

You and your will should matter. If you have got your calling and feel that you should get married than go for it. For some their husband become their driving force, like Mrs Valecha but for some marriage become the bondage. Until and unless you are mentally prepared don’t go for marriage.

I got married at young age and I wasn’t mentally prepared and because of this I had to face a lot of problems. I took time to adjust and I couldn’t even tell my husband every now and then that I didn’t even want to get married.

Abhimanyu (to Sarita): Most of the women nowadays, who are graduate prefer to work. You live in a joint family, take care of your family, so you never thought of going out of the home and making your own name or earn money.

Sarita: I got married just after completing graduation, my father wanted me to settle down, like every father he was concerned. After marriage there wasn’t such situation in my house. I got so engrossed in taking care of my family and raising my son that I forgot about job and my personal aim.

Now when my son is grown up and there is no such responsibilities in my family I have got time for myself. My husband supports me in my work. I graduated long time back and I cannot enter into that field now so I have decided to move ahead in Yoga field. My husband has my back and he handles home while I’m away for practice.

I also want to open a boutique and now I’m working for my goal.

Abhimanyu: Even now there are many women who are not allowed to meet their parents. When they raise the topic they are silenced citing the example of family responsibility. At the end the woman gives up and surrenders. But you women are setting a great example by standing up for yourself. So, Mrs Chandani my next question is for you, what is your further life goals? How do you wish to proceed ahead in life.

Chandani: Firstly I want to complete my CS and alongside it resolve my health issues. I also want to open a playschool for kids. The idea struck me when I was looking for a good playschool for my kid. Whatever school I visited I wasn’t happy with the kind of treatment and service provided and school which was to my liking had tremendous amount of fee. So I wanted to open a school where proper service and education would be provided and fee would be nominal too.

Abhimanyu (to Sarita): Kids learn what they see and what their parents show them. I have seen Kushal, your son has been greatly involved in Yoga. He regularly attends class. Children nowadays doesn’t prefer yoga so how do you handle his moods and peer pressure.

Sarita: We never forced Kushal for anything and now he is still young and there hasn’t been any such situation till now. Once he told me that he wanted to join gym since all his friends are joining. Initially I refused but later said yes because I wanted him to realise it for himself. He went once and next day he himself said that he didn’t want to go.

I enrolled Kushal in Yoga because my husband’s and my height is very less and I was concerned that kushal’s height will be less as well. Kushal has been doing yoga for quite long and his growth is more than average and his height is still growing. There has been change in his overall behaviour as well.

Abhimanyu: One last question to both the ladies, what message do you want to give to the women and young girls who are watching you.

Chandani: I want to say to all the women that you are most important part of your life, husband, kids, family everything is secondary. If you are right everything is right, if you are happy you can keep others happy. Please think about yourself and take care of yourself. Give priority to yourself.

Sarita: To all the ladies I want to say that, start thinking about yourself it’s not late. Take out time for yourself and do what makes you happy.

That’s all about episode 1 of season 1. Stay connected for more such episodes.


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