A grand Yoga workshop has been organised at Tilda on 17th February. The workshop will be graced by the presence of Smt. Manju Jha ma’am. She will address the audience of 500 plus people and share with the knowledge of Yoga and its various benefits. She will also teach Yogasana that one can perform in daily life and keep themselves healthy and fit.


The event has been organised by joint venture of ‘All India Agarwal women Organisation’ and ‘The Power Game’. The workshop will be held at Jhulelal temple garden and will commence at around 4 pm. Mira Agarwal,  Neelam Agarwal, and Anita Agarwal of Women Agarwal Organisation have been actively working to make the event and grand and memorable one.

This workshop will be beneficial for people of every age group, especially women who aren’t involved in physical activity or are too occupied with their families to focus on anything else.

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