With unique approach of ‘speak English by Meditation’, Jha’s English meditation is all set to open their new branch at Samta Colony. The inauguration ceremony, which is set to take place on 24th of August, will see the presence of many dignitaries. The program will be held at Samta Colony near Bhimsen Bhawan from 1 pm onwards.

jem inauguration

To celebrate the grand occasion a seminar on Mind and Meditation has been organised. Smt. Manju Jha of Mrityunjay Yoga has been invited to preside over this special program. Smt. Manju Jha, who is a well-known figure in the field of Yoga and Meditation will be talking about the meditation and its manifold effect on our conscious and unconscious level. She will enlighten the audience on the topic and also answer their queries related to the subject.

The ceremony promises to be very informative and knowledgeable with programs like, seminar on Personal Development and Career Guidance, Seminar on Life and Success, Mind and Meditation etc. Any individual with keen interest in any of the above subject can attend the program to increase their understanding about the same.


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