First of all, we are very glad to introduce you all to our very new trainer Satyapriya. Satyapriya whose original name is Rehana Begum, has spent nine years at Bihar School of Yoga, learning under the tutorship of Swami Niranjanananda. There she was given the name Satyapriya by her guru. Rehana is a special addition to Mrityunjay Yoga and we welcome her with an open heart.

While staying at Bihar School of Yoga, Satyapriya not only learnt expert skills of meditation and Yog nidra but also worked as a volunteer on translation and editing process. She worked on the Urdu translation of internationally recognised book, Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandh. This book has been recognised as most systematic Yoga manual in today’s times not only for students of Bihar School of Yoga but other Yoga institutes all over the world.

For four years she worked on the translation project, along with it she also honed her skill of Yoga, pranayama and meditation at the institute.

Recently Satyapriya made a special contribution to Mrityunjay Yoga’s library by gifting us a copy of her own translated book. Thousands of copies of that book has been sold till now.

Satyapriya is a dedicated Yogi, she has given herself to Yoga and works relentlessly to spread the knowledge. Her love and reverence for Yoga made her break all the boundaries of caste creed and religion.

She is a valuable addition to Mrityunjay Yoga family.

Satyapriya with guru Manju Jha

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