Suryanamashkar Weekend


Suryanamaskar’, or ‘Sun salutation’ holds an important place in yoga. It is composed of set of twelve asanas. Scientifically speaking, Sun is a star composed of gases and it is the source of all the energies. In Hindu mythology sun holds an important place. Sun is worshipped as god. It symbolises light, purity, energy and consciousness. Everything prosper in the presence of sun, if there is no sunlight even for few days, everything will start dying, every living and non-living things. Sun’s importance in one’s life cannot be described in words hence we salute to sun for its manifold benefits.

Surya namaskar is basically performed to get the radiance, light, energy, purity and consciousness of Sun in our own body. Surya namaskar is best practised at sunrise, as the morning sunrays are best for our body.

Twelve asanasa included in suryanamaskar are, pranam asana, hasth uthan, padhastasana, aswa sanchalan, parvat asana, ashtang naman, bhujang asana, parvat asana, aswa sanchalan, padhasthasana, hast uthan asana, namaskar asana. Basically it contains six asanas which is repeated twice. Set of two rounds of these tweleve asanas make one suryanamaskar.

Mrityunjay Yoga organised a suryanamaskar competition on Saturday, 2nd of March at Netaji Shubash Stadium ground. The competition was organised to make the people realise the importance of suryanamaskar and why it is called king of the yoga asanas. All the students, trainers, staff and even some common people participated in this competition. The competition was organised in the morning which is considered the best time for suryanamaskar practice.


At first, Yoga Guru Manju Jha ma’am addressed the gathering and told them about the significance of suryanamaskar and its importance in our life and health. Then she taught the steps to those who were unaware. She even told people that suryanamskar is not limited to single religion and how one should see it as a means to achieve better health and consciousness and not stop themselves from practising it by limiting it to single religion.

At first there was competition between all the students and patients and few trainers. People pf all age group participated in the competition. There were participants like Mr. Lalit Ahluwalia, Mrs. Meena Maheswari, Asandas Pidwani who are all above 60 yet showed energy at par with the youngsters. We had participant like Aditya Shrivastava who is a 10-year-old munchkin, Kushal Valecha, Aditi Shrivastav etc. were other kids who participated in the competition, their energy and enthusiasm knew no bound. Women like Renu Luthra, Kanchi Khurana, Neelam Misra, Seema Misra, Sarita Valecha etc. showed equal prowess in the competition. 17 rounds Suryanamskar was done and the most amazing thing about it was that none of the participant backed out or stopped before the end of the round.



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Last round of suryanamaskar was done on mantras, there are twelve suryanmaskar mantras namely Om Mitraye Namah, Om Ravye Namah, Om Suryaya Namah, Om Bhanve Namah, Om Khagaye Namah, Om Pushne Namah, Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah, Om Marichaye Namah, Om Adityaya Namah, Om Savitre Namah, Om Arkaye Namah, Om Bhaskaraya Namah.

After completing 17 rounds of suryanamskar Mrityunjay Yoga trainers had separate competition among themselves. Where all the competitors compete among themselves. All the yoga trainers, Preeti Jha, Vasudha Rahi, Jaya Jyoti Naidu Roy, Baleshwar Chandravanshi, Guvi Naidu, Priyanka Vaish, Navdeep Ragnare, Sunita Ratre, Avinav Punglia, Siddharth Dahariya, Kaushal Dahariya etc. put up a great show of Suryanamskar.


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