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Mrityunjay Yoga has always set a bar high with its high end Yoga workshops, connecting people of every sector of society. But what sets it apart is its endeavour to bring forth women on equal scale with men where health is concerned.

Akhil Bhartiya Agarwal mahila sangathan’ in association with ‘D. Power gym’ organised a day long yoga workshop on Sunday, February 17th. The event was organised at Jhulelal Mandir garden. This workshop was a breath of fresh air in the mundane humdrum of life. Women of Tilda actively participated in the workshop and what made this event different was that whole event was organised and carried forward by women itself.

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The workshop started by paying homage to the martyred soldiers of ‘Pulwama attack’, after that Manju Jha ma’am lighted the diya and started off the event. More than 200 men and women of Tilda attended the workshop and learned benefits of Yoga from Yog guru Manju Jha.

Mrityunjay Yoga team in guidance of Manju Jha ma’am set spiritual ambience by chanting maha mrityunjay mantra, gayatri mantra and other yogic mantras. There after the event was carried forward by addressing the crowd.


Focussing on women health and how women tends to forget their own health while taking care of their families, Manju Jha ma’am said that women need to specially take care of their health because they go through a lot hormonal and emotional changes from puberty. Nowadays women face a lot of health issues like PCOD, PCOS, infertility, cervical, sciatica etc. All this is happening because women either don’t get time to take care of themselves or rather they focus more on external beauty rather than internal one. Not only women but men too, adopt callous attitude where health is concerned and this needs to be changed.

After initial addressing of crowd, Mrityunjay Yoga team presented an amazing Yoga dance on Shiv tandav tune. Overall 35 asanas were included in 7 minutes’ dance. The audience was enthralled by the sheer brilliance of dance performance. The act was done by an all women team. Women of every age group is included in this group and it stands for symbol of women power and strength. This was to remind every woman that only thing that is holding them back from achieving their fitness goal is their excuse and laziness and nothing else.

Mrityunjay Yoga YFE at tilda

After the dance performance, Manju Jha ma’am taught the audience some basic asanas that everybody can do in their daily life. She taught more than 15 asanas in the span of one hour. To get rid of acidity and teeth related problem she also taught shitli and shitkari pranayama.

There wasn’t even a single dull moment during entire event. People were hooked their spot and gulping down every information shared by Yog guru.

At the end of the event surya Namaskar performance was presented by D. Power gym team in guidance of their teacher Dineshh Duhan.

Memento and certificate was presented to 10 fitness enthusiast of Tilda who overcame their physical issues by daily workout and Yoga practice.


certificate and Memento was also presented to ‘Akhil Bhartiya Agarwal mahila sangathan’ and ‘D. Power gym’ for their effort and endeavour.

The event ended on a happy note with hope of better and healthier tomorrow.



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