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Women's Day Celebration | An event

Women are symbol of strength, love, purity and sacrifice, but society doesn’t acknowledge and appreciate enough the sacrifice and love of women. Hence they take a backseat in this patriarchal society. However, there are some women who muster the courage to stand for themselves and their
right and doesn’t bow down to societal pressure. I’m not talking about great celebrated women whom the world knows, rather I’m talking about women of everyday life, women who are living common mundane life still being example for many others.
This women’s day Mrityunjay Yoga decided to celebrate these everyday women and show the world why they are same yet so different than many. A talk show was organised on Saturday March 9 th . Six iron ladies of Mrityunjay Yoga were called to discuss their life and struggles and how they overcame their issues to achieve their life goals.

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The event started with Manju ma’am’s address to the gatherings. She spoke on women power and role of woman in shaping a family and society. Abhimanyu Jha, Managing Director of Mrityunjay Yoga hosted the event. He kept the audience thoroughly entertained with his sense of humour and repartee. He kept the guest thoroughly entertained with his wit. All of Mrityunjay Yoga family gathered to celebrate the power of womanhood. The event started with welcoming the guests by applying chandan tika on their forehead. All the beautiful women of Mrityunjay Yoga were clad in traditional sarees and seemed exuberant. Six iron ladies selected for the talk show were Sarita Valecha, Chandni Jain, Neelam Misra, Mita Jain, Anjali das and Preeti Jha. The ladies showed great sportsman spirit in answering the questions and answered every questions with much fervour and zeal. Abhimanyu made sure to touch every aspect of their life and made them spill their heart without any hesitation or inhibition.

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Let us know about the Iron ladies;
Chandni Jain, a 28-year-old diligent woman who believed in power of yoga so much that she never misses any of her classes and in fact continued yoga classes throughout her pregnancy. She is a dedicated mother of two-year-old munchkin. In spite of facing three miscarriages her spirit didn’t die
and she faced life with great strength. she is a compassionate and ambitious individual and believe
in making her own mark.
Sarita Valecha, a 40-year-old homemaker who decided to turn her life around by enrolling herself in the yoga class. She has been doing yoga from last four years and it has brought tremendous change in her life. She has cured her genetic diabetes, which doctors often term as incurable within three
months of yoga practice. Now she has taken another major decision in her life and decided to
become yoga instructor. We wish her all the best in her endeavour.
Neelam Misra, a 54 years old business woman, is a staunch believer of yoga and feels that yoga has brought a lot of change in her life. She has all the faith in holistic effect of yoga on mind and body. It is with this faith that she joined Mrityunjay Yoga. She joined with a problem in knee joints but now she is fine with no reminder of pain. Mita Ahuja, a health conscious, goal oriented, amazing woman who believes in facing the life challenges with a smile. She doesn’t bow down to life pressure and thinks that yoga has all the cure

for life’s problems. She says that her life has changed since she joined yoga, not just at physical level but at personal level too.
Mrs. Anjali Das, a 75-year-old retired school teacher who couldn’t stop herself from imparting knowledge even after retirement. She had severe knee and joint pain which created big problem in her daily activities. She enrolled herself in yoga class to get rid of her joint pain and it’s because of
her zeal and will power to get cured that she has been able to reduce her pain to almost none within
a month.
Preeti Jha, 25 years old. A positive, enthusiastic and goal oriented girl who is never scared of fighting
for herself and her dreams. She is being doing yoga from last one year and because of her zeal and
dedication she has manage to become a yoga teacher.
Only after talking to them realised how much weight everybody is carrying within themselves and how they are moving forward by shedding their baggage. Sneh Jain , a terrific 17-year-old writer recited a poem on Women. The most amazing about her poem
was that she wrote the poem on the spot by hearing out all the ladies and incorporating their lines in
her writing. After hearing out all the ladies, Abhimanyu Jha, who is also Manju Jha’s son told about her life as a woman, as a mother and her struggles and how she managed to achieve such a great feat in her life.
At the end the event ended with gifting flower pot to the guests and getting coffee mug signed by each of the Iron ladies. The entire program was shot by Mrityunjay Jha. Behind the camera were Rupesh Jha, Tejas Yadav and Navdeep Ragnare. This was just the beginning and episode 1, we will be back soon with second episode. Keep following Mrityunjay Yoga for more such episodes.

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