how yoga is effective in migraine | research report

Name of the Patient: Mita Jain

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Issues: Severe Migraine

The Patient Mita Jain visited us four months back with severe migraine pain. She has been suffering from it since she was twelve years old. But from last few years it has been severe with unbearable pain. In her words ‘the pain would be so severe that I wouldn’t come out of my house for 1-2 days, will shut down all the doors and windows, switch off the light and wouldn’t talk to anyone. I have a two-year old son and I wouldn’t even see him during those period.’

She was desperately searching for cure for this disease which has become the curse of her life. She consulted many doctors but to no avail. After losing all the hopes she thought of trying Yoga and to her surprise she started seeing the difference from first month itself.



How Yoga helps in migraine

Before curing any disease it’s important to know the root cause of it. Migraine can result from various reasons including insufficient oxygen or blood supply to the brain. Hormonal imbalance and stress also acts as a major factor.

Keeping all this in mind we devised asanas for her that would make the flow of blood and oxygen easier to the brain and also helps reduce the stress. A single teacher was allotted to her who assisted her in her practice.

What asanas did we include in her practice

In the beginning we included few asanas in her practice along with some basic stretching. The asanas included in her practice were:

  • Tadasana
  • Tidyaktadasana
  • Katichakrasana
  • Dwikonasana
  • sirsha angustha yogasana
  • ushtrasana
  • shasankasana
  • murdhasana
  • jhula ludhkan asana
  • sarvangasana
  • Halasana
  • Nadi shodhana pranayama
  • Bhramri

Signs of improvement

Mita started showing improvements in the first fifteen days itself. Earlier she would get migraine attack 3-4 times a week which reduced to once or twice a week. By the end of the month the attack reduced to 4-5 attacks a month. By the end of the second month the pain reduced 3-4 times a month and by the end of the fourth month there was just 1-2 migraine attack a month.

According to her she has done everything possible to get cured of this disease but none was beneficial, the medicine she was given was to supress the pain when she gets the migraine attack but none to cure the migraine or stop it altogether. But in yoga she was able to cure 80% of her disease without consuming any steroid or chemical induced substance.

Life after joining Yoga

She is still doing yoga and has been able to cure the disease which was once the demon devouring her happiness and peace of life. She was always under constant fear of getting migraine attack anytime and any moment. She couldn’t enjoy any family function or gathering properly. But now she lives freely.

Her medicine dose has reduced and sometimes she doesn’t even take medicine and get rid of the pain with the help of ‘brahma mudra’ and ‘bhramari pranayama’.

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