Yoga and its importance in kids’ lives

Yoga and its importance in kids’ lives

“Yoga helps to provide building blocks for the future. It is our responsibility to develop our children’s sense of wonder and to give them a strong sense of self so they know where they belong in this world and can contribute to making their community a better place.”

Yoga is the practice of assessing one’s breath and integrating body, mind and soul in the pursuit of something greater and bigger. Slowly Yoga is gaining importance not only in India but all over the world. But there is a common belief and thought that Yoga is only for adults or only grown up people should do Yoga. Yoga has numerous advantages and why should children be barred from these advantages.

We in Mrityunjay Yoga stresses on child’s mental, physical and overall development through Yoga. we provide holistic atmosphere to the children, here the children’s not only learn yoga asana but also become aware of their body, of their entire being and surroundings. Yoga has brought a lot of positive changes in kids’ lives and most importantly kids enjoy doing yoga.

Our yoga trainers and certified in their field and specialises in children’s yoga. They make yoga not only interesting but fun filled for kids. Kids as young as 4 years come to do yoga in our institution. Here the atmosphere is very friendly and familial, occasionally yoga based games and activities are organised which helps grow kids’ interest towards yoga and make yoga sessions fun filled for them.

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Recommended Site Manju Jha: She is the founder of Mrityunjay Yoga and experienced Yoga instructor. She has been doing Yoga since last 15 years and has been conducting children’s yoga batch since long. Her approach towards kids is very holistic and focuses on growing children’s interest towards yoga and inculcating positive attitude in kids towards life.

read the article Priyamwada Sharma: She specialises in kids’ yoga. She is doing thesis on the subject and has strong grip on the subject. She takes normal kids batch as well as handles patient batch also. She has cured kids with hyperactivity, down syndrome, autism, colour blindness through Yoga. Her yoga techniques are kids friendly and unique.

She says that kids should be taught yoga from very young age so that their body awareness is from young age itself. Nowadays bone rigidity of kids are increasing more and more and doing yoga from tender age would make the bones more flexible. It will not only save them from diseases but also make them good in sports. And talso hey will know the importance of yoga from tender age and inculcate those teachings and values in their lives and be a better human being.

We documented few kids of our class on their view on yoga and here’s is the excerpt of the documentary. You can watch full documentry on our YouTube Channel.

Our Students

Mrityunjay yoga children batch students

Krishna Yadav: He is 11 years old and have been doing yoga for almost five to six months. He says that he has changed a lot after joining yoga. His class percentage has increased, his concentration level has increased, he has become more active and fit, earlier he was borderline obese but within few months he has lost weight and become fit.

He enjoys his yoga sessions so much that he never misses a class.

Ishanvi Dammani: An eleven year of student of Delhi Public School Raipur. She has been doing since last one month and has experience a lot of changes already. She has become more disciplined and focused towards her studies. She admits that earlier she would misbehave and argue with her parents but now her behaviour has changing slowly.

Anirudh Mishra: He is a student of class 12 and has been doing yoga for more than year. This kid has gone through a lot since childhood and has fought all the obstacles via Yoga. He was a slow learner and slow writer, he was suffering from hypoxia and violent behaviour. He was undergoing treatment for many years before he joined Yoga.

According to him he has experienced tremendous change in himself after joining yoga. His behaviour has changed, he could read and write like normala kids His physical ailments has been cured and he feels good about himself. He loves yoga so much that he wants to open a yoga institute after finishing his studies.

Kushal Valecha: Kushal joined yoga class to increase his concentration towards studies. He says that earlier his parents forced him to join yoga class and he would come reluctantly for the classes. But only after few days he started liking yoga. Now he comes regularly and that too willingly.

He says that within a month his memory power increased and he became more concentrated towards his studies. He became good in sports as well as his body flexibility increased.

Parent’s thought:

mrityunjay yoga children batch

Namrata Dammani:

A mother and Yoga enthusiast says that she enrolled her daughter in Yoga class because she herself knows the value and importance of Yoga. She wants her daughter to use her energy in positive and constructive way and become better person.


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